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Commissioned Portrait of the “BP Portrait Award 2012” at the National Portrait Gallery.

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J. K. Rowling, Stuart Pearson Wright, 2005 © National Portrait Gallery, London, BP Portrait Award, 2001

Commissioned Portrait of the “BP Portrait Award 2012” at the National Portrait Gallery.

David Burlak – 19th October 2012

“on display commissioned works of the past years”

BP Portrait Award 2012” closed with great success. Part of the first prize for winning the BP Portrait Award is a “Commissioned Portrait” to be painted that subsequently enters the National Portrait Gallery‘s collection.

Besides, for the year 2012, the renowned competition has seen many extra activities, including the “BP Portrait Award: Next Generation” project, the “BP Travel Award”, a “Visitor’s Choice Award” and “BP Young British Award”.

This year a selection of the commissioned portraits were also on display in Room 36 at the Gallery. Spanning over more than two decades, at the National Portrait Gallery were on display Commissioned Portraits of the past years, including “Dame Kelly Holmes” by Craig Wylie (2012); “V.S. Naipaul” by Paul Emsley (2009); “Camila Batmanghelidjh ” by Dean Marsh (2008); “Sir Peter Mansfield” by Stephen Shankland (2008); “Dame Vivien Louise Duffield” by Charlotte Harris (2005); “Dame Cicely Mary Strode Saunders” by Catherine Goodman (2005); J.K. Rowling by Stuart Pearson Wright (2005); Fiona Mary Shaw by Victoria Kate Russell (2002); “Ian McKellen” by Clive Smith (2002); “John Robert Fowles” by Tomas Watson (2001); “Sir Paul Brierley Smith” by James Lloyd (1998); “Michael Caine” by James Hague (1998); “Helen Mirren” by Ishbel Myerscough (1997); “Kazuo Ishiguro” by Peter Edwards (1995); “Sir Anthony Dowell” by Philip Harris (1995); “Elizabeth (née Harman), Countess of Longford; Francis Aungier Pakenham, 7th Earl of Longford” by Lucy Willis (1993); “Harold Pinter” by Justin Mortimer (1992); “Tessa Ann Vosper Blackstone, Baroness Blackstone” by Annabel Cullen (1991).

The “BP Portrait Award 2012” competition was judged from original paintings by this year’s panel: Sandy Nairne, Director, National Portrait

Ian McKellen, Clive Smith, 2002 © National Portrait Gallery, London, commissioned as part of the First Prize, BP Portrait Award, 1999

Gallery, London; Dr Augustus Casely-Hayford, Curator and Cultural Historian; Sarah Howgate, Contemporary Curator, National Portrait Gallery; Martin Jennings, Sculptor; Nicola Kalinsky, Interim Director, Scottish National Portrait Gallery; and Des Violaris, Director UK Arts & Culture, BP.

The “BP Portrait Award 2012” received 2,187 entries from 74 difference countries. Judged anonymously, 55 portraits have been selected for the exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. In 2011 the BP Portrait Award received 341,050 visitors, the largest ever number of visitors for an exhibition at the Gallery. The Portrait Award, now in its 33rd year at the National Portrait Gallery and 23rd year of sponsorship by BP, is a highly successful annual event aimed at encouraging artists to focus upon, and develop, the theme of painted portraiture within their work.

Supported by BP, the exhibition will tour to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, from 3 November 2012 until 27 January 2013 and the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter from 9 February until 19 May 2013.

From 21st June until 23rd September 2012

At the National Portrait Gallery, St. Martin’s Place, London.


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