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Korean Contemporary Art at the Moorhouse.

Jaheyo Lee – Korean Contemporary art Exhibition at the Moorhouse

Korean Contemporary Art at the Moorhouse.

David Franchi – Wednesday, 2nd May 2012

An Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Art” generated great enthusiasm. The collective show of the Korean art was organised by Albemarle Gallery in association with Art Moorhouse.

An Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Art” presented new ideas about art, new conceptual territories that deserves to be explored in the near future. South Korea has made a hard and rapid transition from an underdeveloped country to a mature economy, yielding new art production.

As long as South Korean – one of the most successful economics model – could be referred as ‘The Korean Miracle’ the national art environment has greatly mirrored this newly surprisingly situation.

The artists featured in “An Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Art” represent the transformations of their country. This collective exhibition is composed of nine artists who work with different media. Jaheyo Lee made installations with chestnut wood pieces and others using stainless steel. The latter is the same material used by Kim Yeon whose works represents moments of meditation and contemplation. It is an evident contrast with the women depicted on the more traditional oil on canvases of Park Jihye. Metal and canvas, instead, are the features of Kim Yongjin who brings them together in a meticulous piece. Lee Horyon overlapped and interlocked work is also interesting while Lee Kangwook mixed media canvases are very intriguing. Very innovative and astonishing are the pieces of Hong Sungchul prints on elastic strings in a steel frame that left visitors curios about the new technology. The lenticular pastiches of Bae Joonsung catch unprepared the public while reviewing old masters works. Yun Weedong made incredible watercolours with a hyper realistic  technique leaving people speechless for its attention of the details.

The artists featured in this exhibition are products of this transformation. They work in sculpture and painting and explore the issues that permeate the new Korean society: consumerism, materialism and the conflict between traditional eastern values and new western values.

Despite that Korea passed through many difficult moments it was able to develop a very good quality of art. Korean art did not put aside its heritage from the Three Kingdom period but strongly transformed it in a blend with the most acknowledged contemporary art movement. At the Moorhouse exhibition though the best artists are not present it was possible to have a great survey about Korean art. “An Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Art” has given, in fact, material for the definition of today Korean art.

In association with Albemarle Gallery, Mayfair, London.

From 22nd March to 27th April 2012.

At the Art Moorhouse, Moorhouse, Moorgate, City of London.


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May 2, 2012 at 9:46 am

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