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Pavilion of Art and Design – PAD 2011 in London

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“Fifth edition of the PAD”
David Franchi – 20th October 2011
The Pavilion of Art & Design London 2011 closed with a great success. The fifth edition of the PAD, Pavilion of Art & Design, testifies increased massive sales and remarkable attendance of collector and visitors.
At the 2011 edition of the PAD 58 galleries from 11 countries presented the highest-quality works of Modern Painting, Photography, Tribal Art, Design and Decorative Arts from 1860 to today.
PAD is a well-established event because of the exhibitors excellence and the prominent location in Mayfair, London. This is the difference with the contemporaneously Frieze Art Fair which is more popular and differently located.
PAD is building a reputation that is attracting important new faces and increasing sales despite the economic climate. The two organiser, Patrick Perrin and Stephane Custot, commented: “We are delighted to see how PAD has turned into a successful, mature and inspiring international art event. PAD is more than a fair; it is an eclectic and sophisticated club gathering the finest art and design galleries. Our aim is to put together the most beautiful and exclusive works of art of the 20th Century. As organisers, we are flattered to see such an enthusiastic audience attending the event each year and also how positive PAD is welcomed in London. The fifth edition has been a real success; we are totally confident for the future of the fair.”
The PAD opened with a Private Preview attended by members of the high society. Later in the week, the fair was visited by renowned collectors including Christie’s owner François Pinault and fashion designer and filmmaker Tom Ford.
The Child’s Chair Project II, curated by Francis Sultana, was a tremendous success with 7 of the unique 11 chairs, with prices from £1,500, sold by the close of the fair. Designers such as Zaha Hadid, Amanda Levete, Peter Marigold, Fredrikson Stallard, Max Lamb and Mattia Bonetti were invited to customize Vitra’s child-size edition of the iconic Panton chair, with proceeds of over £25,000 going to the NSPCC’s Rebuilding Childhoods Appeal.
The Pavilion of Art & Design London is organised by the Societe d’Organisation Culturelle (SOC) which was founded to support quality in the arts in 1996 by fair directors Patrick Perrin and Stephane Custot, both renowned gallerists and art dealers. In 1997 they created one of the most appreciated cultural events in France, the Pavillon des Arts et du Design Paris, formerly known as the Pavillon des Antiquaires et des galeries d’art. Since 2007 the fair has taken new direction focusing on Art and Design from 1860 to today and now is called Pavilion of Art & Design Paris at its 16th edition. The Pavilion of Art & Design London, formerly known as Design Art London, was founded in 2007 during Frieze Week in the same spirit, dedicated to post-war and contemporary design and the decorative arts. In 2009 the fair was renamed and expanded to include Modern Art.
The announced Moët Hennessy-PAD London Prize this year did not take place for unclear difficulties occurred with the donation to the V&A Museum. Other sponsors were Zadig & Voltaire and 1stdibs.
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Frieze Art Fair 2011 in London

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“contemporary art in busy location”
David Franchi – Monday 18th October 2011

Frieze Art Fair 2011 is another success. So crowded that it is almost impossible to walk. The mass is overwhelming in the commissioned temporary structure located in Regent’s Park.
Frieze Art Fair has a different approach. It focuses only on contemporary art and living artists. It presents a curated programme of talks, artists’ commissions and film projects, many of which are interactive or performative and encourage visitors to engage with art and artists directly. It is at its ninth edition.
Frieze Art Fair is an unmissable occasion in London. Contemporary art and design are present in this excellent exhibition that brings together 173 galleries, around 1,000 artists for 33 countries from all over the world. The event is organised with the idea of showcasing new artists and, hopefully, selling their work.
For the last four years Frieze Art Fair have had over 60,000 visitors including those with an interest in the art world, such as curators, artists, collectors, gallerists and critics, as well as the general public. Some visit as first-time collectors of art whilst others view the fair more as an exhibition, enjoying the experience as a cultural day out.
Fashion is another aspect of the Frieze Art Fair. The blending of art and fashion is ongoing since years. At the fair there are many fashion designers together with artists and some brands sponsored the Frieze. It presents the world’s leading contemporary art galleries. The vitality of galleries from emerging territories such as Asia and South America is balanced by a strong European and American contingent.
Opened in the superb English Gardens of Regent’s Park is the Sculpture Park. Frieze Art Fair has installed this exhibition of sculpture which offers a rare occasion to see a noteworthy group of international works.
The Frame section of the fair, supported by COS, is dedicated to galleries under six-years old, showing solo.
Frieze Projects is a unique annually programme of artists’ commissions, curated for 2011 by Sarah McCrory and supported by the Emdash Foundation. For 2011 Frieze Projects includes a number of unique viewpoints throughout the fair. The winner of the Emdash Award 2011 is the video and performance artist Anahita Razmi.
Frieze Film is a programme of artist films screened to coincide with Frieze Art Fair. This year it was curated by Sarah McCrory and included five commissioned films screened in the auditorium at the fair and previewed in a new post-watershed Channel 4 arts slot.
An international line-up of highly respected artists, filmmakers, curators and cultural commentators have taken part in Frieze Talks 2011 a daily programme of keynote lectures, panel debates and discussions.
The Frieze Art Fair Stand Prize, sponsored by Champagne Pommery, has been awarded to Gavin Brown stand which articulated a long-term commitment to and understanding of the artists represented.
Outset / Frieze Art Fair Fund is organised and financed by Outset Contemporary Art Fund, a charitable foundation focused on supporting new art. This distinctive partnership helped Tate to buy important works for the national collection. It has the continued support of Le Meridien Hotels & Resorts. Frieze Art Fair is sponsored by Deutsche Bank.
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In Her Time at the Freehold Theatre in Muswell Hill

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In Her Time

“The dark side of womanhood”
David Franchi – Monday, 26th September 2011
Another impressive interesting performance by Palladini Productions with the public left in an ecstatic mood with “In her time” at the Freehold Theatre, ongoing until 26th September 2011.
This piece, or better this compilation of pieces, is focused on the dark side of the women. The stunning collection of monologues and dialogues from Alan Bennett, Molière, and Joanna Murray-Smith went on scene at the little Freehold Theatre in Muswell Hill.
Freehold Theatre, in fact, is a new performance space project based at the Freehold Community Centre, Muswell Hill, opened just last year. Muswell Hill is a very artistic place. Supported by a small local charity it aims to provide an opportunity for young actors, directors and producers to show their talents without the expenses usually incurred in organising live theatre. Therefore, if anyone wants to develop a theatre project feel free to contact the Freehold Theatre.
Produced and directed by creator Saima Duhare the show is a collection of works from Alan Bennett’s “Outside Dog” & “Her Big Chance”, Molière’s “Misanthrope” and Joanna Murray-Smith’s “Bombshells”. The location where the action of the script takes place is unknown. In any case it is not important where the setting is. Mainly, there are monologues and a dialog.
These are universal stories that can happen everywhere. “Outside Dog” & “Her Big Chance” reflect the usual ironic writing style of the author, Alan Bennett, an English writer who, together with Dudley Moore, Jonathan Miller, and Peter Cook, achieved instant fame by appearing at the Edinburgh Festival in August 1960 in the satirical revue ‘Beyond the Fringe’. Moliere with his ageless “Misanthrope” depicts a female character which is out of time, therefore striking the essential elements of the womanhood. Instead, the Australian playwright Joanna Murray-Smith has written her multi- awarded “Bombshells” especially for dancer Caroline O’Connor; it was filmed for ABC Television and toured the world. From Murray-Smith’s clever comedic writing style to Molière and Bennett’s amazing talents for observation and detail, this show explores a timeline of Women.
These women open the Pandora box of the femininity letting go out all the aspects that affect modern women, from solitude to difficult relationships, the marriage, and the bond with the society, love and pain.
Performed by an intensely talented cast of four actresses, this piece of work explores the splendour and the blemish rooted in these great female characters that reflect womanhood.
Cast is a group of talented four women that are very good at interpreting those difficult characters: Hayley Cartwright, Avril Pool, Kate Steel and Julia Eve.
Event Venue: Freehold Theatre, 9 Alexandra Rd, Muswell Hill, London, N10 2EY

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