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Equation a Barry Reigate exhibition at Paradise Row

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Equation – Barry Reigate exhibition at Paradise Row

Barry Reigate‘s second solo show”

David Franchi – Wednesday 14th September 2011

 “Equation” is a new exhibition of Berry Reigate at Paradise Row Gallery, Oxford Street. This emerging artist from London brings together different topics in his body of work. The show is a mix of diverse techniques with works of mixed medium. “Equation” is Barry Reigate‘s second solo show at Paradise Row Gallery.

There are three different sorts of artworks in this exhibition. Firstly, canvas with a silver background with the repeated theme of a wolf taken from an advertisement where it was with the three pigs. The images are painted criticisms to the contemporary situation in which people are struggling because of the credit crunch: “The pigs are the people and the wolf is playing the role of Power/ the Other. In other times that might have meant anything with teeth/weapons, hiding in the forest, for us, now, that means, obviously, Capital” Barry Reigate explains.

A second group of works consist in geometric coloured images on paper. Those are taken from a SAT exam book and emptied from their original meaning. Barry Reigate says: “… aesthetically they seems to nod to Minimalism whilst the use of geometric forms was vaguely reminiscent of the various tactics of conceptual artists like Carl Andre and Sol LeWitt and fitted into the Modernist tendency to fetishize form.”

Thirdly, there are some sculpture in form of installation made of construction materials such as concrete and plywood. “Here the connection between the forms and the structure is played out in the materials and medium” Barry Reigate says. And in fact these geometrical forms are winking both to conventional architecture as long as recent riots events in the UK.

This tri – partition is contained in the catalogue book you can find at the Paradise Row Gallery. There is no doubt the show gives the impression to be organised in three sections although mixed together.

However, the catalogue seems to be unaware of the amount of sketches and drawings present throughout the exhibition. Sketches are made for the installations. Drawings are mingling with the rest of the artworks. But instead, this is the most interesting part of the exhibition, where Barry Reigate puts down is amazing ability to draw, together with themes, ideas and
colours. Although in the drawings – as well as in the paper works – some symmetries are lost these are fascinating works giving good ideas about the creative process of the artist. Also they are most spontaneous and less reasoned works releasing the real potential of Reigate whilst the final production shows a reduced naturalness and therefore loses genuineness.

Barry Reigate is born in London (1971), where he lives and work. He had few solos exhibitions and some group exhibitions also in prestigious museums in UK as well as in Australia, Holland, Russia and Belgium.

Showing until 08 October 2011

Venue: Paradise Row Gallery, 74 Newman Street, London, W1T 3DB

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September 19, 2011 at 12:04 am

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