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Dali’s Lionette at the Salvador & Amanda

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Dali’s Lionette

Dalì at Salvador & Amanda

by David Franchi, Saturday 10 September 2011

The show “Dalí’s Lionette” presents an unusual point of view about Salvador Dalì and the unsolved menage-à-trois he had with his wife Gala and his young muse Amanda Lear. The story is well -known: Amanda Lear met Dalì in Paris and became his muse in an unconventional relationship, described as ‘spiritual marriage’, with Gala’s approval.The show location is the ‘Salvador & Amanda’ Restaurant, in Covent Garden. The performance is a mix of surrealistic theatre and entertainment, slightly Dada and with a hint of avant-garde. Short cabaret sketches, songs, live painting, dances and physical involvement of the clients are the actions in “Dalí’s Lionette”.

There are four actors involving customers in actions plus a fifth who paints a mannequin at the entrance of the restaurant. Their characters are a tall, skinny and bewildered Dalì in red circus jacket, a crowned and dramatic Gala and a sexy Amanda in leotard both singing, while a leopard girl dances speechless representing the Imagination. The crew is quite good at managing the space of the Spanish restaurant that has not a proper stage. There is the need to organise better the use of the areas where the action is made. However, this should arrive with repeats as a theatre show is always a work on progress.

The Amanda, Salvador and Gala menage-à-trois was scandalous. Gala was also not new at this. Born in Russia, she married the French poet Paul Eluard founder of the Surrealism. She was an inspiration for many artists including Éluard, Louis Aragon, Max Ernst and Andre Breton. Gala, Éluard and Ernst spent three years in a menage -à- trois from 1924-27.

In 1929 Eluard and Gala visited Dalì. Immediately an affair with Gala developed, even though Dalì was said to be a virgin, because of his phobia of female genitalia. Dalì was about ten years younger than Gala. In the same year they went to live together. Gala was a muse and an agent for Dalì. She had a strong sex drive and had numerous extramarital affairs, confident Dalì who was a candaulism practitioner.

In 1965 Lear met Dalì in Paris, he was some forty years older than her. She became a muse and a pupil for the couple, accompanying them on trips. Amanda spent every summer with Dalì over a period of fifteen years. She posed for some of Dalí’s most famous works.

Although she remained Dalí’s protegee and mistress for many years, Amanda had numerous affairs. In 1979 Amanda married French bisexual aristocrat Alain-Philippe Malagnac who, in fact, was the former lover turned adopted son of diplomat and controversial gay novelist Roger Peyrefitte. The wedding was celebrated just three weeks after the couple first met and lasted for twenty-one years until Malagnac passed in 2000.

Dalì and Gala strongly disapproved the relationship with Malagnac and they began drifting apart with Lear. They still sporadically kept in touch, especially after Gala died in 1982, until Dalì death.

Director and producer is Saima Duhare for Palladini Productions. Writers are Nick Fearne and Jame Long. Actors: Lyndal Marwick, Tessa Maxwell, Jason Wilkinson and Alice Havillyn.

Event Venues: Salvador & Amanda, 8 Great Newport Street, London, WC2H 7JA
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September 13, 2011 at 11:09 pm

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