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“Stop” by Archiv Peter Piller at Brancolini Grimaldi

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Stop by Archiv Peter Piller

Peter Piller at Brancolini Grimaldi

David Franchi – Friday 9th September 2011

“Stop” by Archiv Peter Piller is an interesting exhibition at the Brancolini Grimaldi gallery, Mayfair. The German artist Peter Piller spent 10 years of his life working in an advertisement agency called Carat, in Hamburg, cataloguing regional newspapers. As picture editor he managed literally thousands of images published by German regional newspapers.The idea of using images taken from newspapers – scanned and then elaborated for printing in large dimension – is unusual and therefore intriguing. Peter Piller do not use captions giving a new life to these pictures that were aggregated following a thematic order e.g. accidents, people receiving flower gift for their birthday and police searching.
The Brancolini Grimaldiexhibition also displays one of his most celebrated project ‘Von Erde schöner’ (More Beautiful from Above) of aerial images – not recycled – depicting homes in the German countryside and sorted out in a group. These were given to Piller by a company that was hoping to sell the prints back to the homeowners. The business was a failure, so Piller subsequently archived and categorised the images into unusual selections such as homes that were built next to graveyards, homes with swimming pools, homes with tents erected in the garden and homes with red bed linen hanging from windows.The ‘Background Colours’ series was photographed by Peter Piller himself and it represents small colourful views of particulars from strip clubs just after having being used.

This particular combination of recycled images and barely new photographs is captivating and in the meantime confusing, as the firsts obviously have not good definition when the seconds are high-quality prints. It should be maybe worth to clearly distinguish the two productions enhancing the approach at the work of the German artist.

However, the Brancolini Grimaldi exhibition reveals another fine artist with great ideas. Piller has shaped from these plain images a typology of German suburbia that for a short moment appeared on the pages of local newspapers to immediately dissolve. When viewing these different disparate groups of images you become aware of the important role photography plays in defining social beliefs and customs.

Also the concept of recycling images to bring them to a new life is very descriptive of our contemporary society and in particular of the German one which is so keen to environmental and naturalistic culture.

Peter Piller is born in 1968, in Fritzlar near Kassel (Germany). He lived in Fritzlar, Kassel, Idar-Oberstein and Würzburg. He studied Geography, German Studies and Art Education and he graduated at the renowned Academy of Visual Art of Hamburg. Peter Piller build is photo archive Archiv Peter Piller that currently contains roughly 12.000. In 2005 Piller was appointed Visiting Professor at Academy of Visual Art in Hamburg. Since 2006 is Professor at the Academy of Visual Art in Leipzig. He lives and works in Hamburg and has been awarded and exhibited many times.

Venue: Brancolini Grimaldi Gallery, 43-44 Albemarle Street, London, W1S 4JJ
Showing until: 1st October 2011
Published for: www.remotegoat.co.uk
Direct link: http://www.remotegoat.co.uk/review_view.php?uid=7464

Written by davidfranchi

September 9, 2011 at 11:17 pm

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