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Filomena Campus Quartet feat Antonio Forcione and Jean Toussaint – Jazz Club Soho London

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Jazz Italian Campus in Soho
by David Franchi – 25th May 2011

It was another great performance of Filomena Campus Quartet at the Pizza Express Jazz Club Soho, London. The Italian singer together with her Quartet and a couple of friends, Antonio Forcione and Jean Toussaint, has done a fantastic concert.

She performed songs from her new album “Jester of jazz” and some songs from her duo with Antonio Forcione. The line up of the Filomena Campus Quartet is composed of Filomena Campus (vocals), Steve Lodder (piano), Dudley Phillips (double bass), and Winston Clifford (drums) who in this occasion were joined by the special guests Jean Toussaint (sax) and Antonio Forcione (guitar).

Filomena has a great and eclectic voice, Toussaint is a charming musician and Forcione is astonishing gifted, while the other components of the band are talented and experienced artists.

Filomena dyes her performances with the colours of Harlequin costume. In her gigs she blends various genres of music but always within a jazz frame. Besides, her new album is inspired by Commedia dell’Arte and Theatre Of The Absurd adding a hint of theatrical style to the performance. There is also a vast component of her Sardinian legacy mixed with Italian theatre. The roots of Filomena Campus, in fact, are Sardinian, the big Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea, from which she takes inspiration.

During the concert at the Jazz Club Soho, in fact, Filomena Campus performed some songs in Italian and in her own dialect, such as the classical folk ballad ‘No podu repusare’, ‘The queen and the clowns’ dedicated to the famous Italian artists Franca Rame and Stefano Benni or ‘Sabbia e mirto’ inspired to the Mediterranean sea. But also she performed songs in English reviving the variegated jazz tradition. With Antonio Forcione, they played songs from their Duo repertoire, with a special solo performance of Forcione who showed great technical ability. The concert ended with a great final jointly with Toussaint who as usual masterly ’embroidered’ the tones.

Filomena Campus is an international artist well- known as jazz vocalist and also as theatre director. She has toured and collaborated with top UK jazz musicians including Evan Parker, Guy Barker, Orphy Robinson, Byron Wallen, Cleveland Watkiss, Jean Toussaint, Antonio Forcione and the London Improvisers Orchestra.

In 2010 Filomena founded the ‘Filomena Campus Quartet’ with Steve Lodder, Dudley Phillips and Winston Clifford and “Jester of Jazz” is their new original project. In these days they are touring in Germany, Italy and Croatia.

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May 27, 2011 at 11:00 am

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