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Amar & Pascali exhibition at the new Brancolini Grimaldi art gallery.

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Wednesday, 13th April 2011 – David Franchi

002_2_-_CopiaThe inaugural exhibition at the Brancolini Grimaldi Gallery, the last 8th of April, was a real success, the place packed with people. The opening of a new art gallery is always a good event. It means that artistic production is well active and the interest of buyers is high. For their opening exhibition Brancolini Grimaldi had chosen to display an exchange of conceptual and visual ideas between the latest body of work of contemporary French photographer Marie Amar and ‘Arte Povera’ sculpture from 1960s by Italian artist Pino Pascali.

The exhibition brings together innovative art forms and connects different generations of artists. In spite of the different medium used, Amar and Pascali are linked through the alternative suggestion of the employ of everyday materials produced by industrial processes.

Born in 1962, Marie Amar is a French artist based in Paris. She is largely influenced by land art, Arte Povera, minimalism and Richard Avedon. She already has had solo exhibitions in Paris, Moscow and Cologne, but this is her first time in London. On display her latest series of ten unique photographs, entitled “La Poussiére” (nt. “The dust”), an internal point of view of our technological cleaning systems. Amar collects thin layers of lint from washing machines or tumble dryer, which are a combination of bits of dust, dirt, human hair, fibres of cotton, wool and synthetic materials. She assembles them giving a rectangular form, producing a sort of dust sculptures. She then takes pictures of these vibrantly coloured substances and creates large scale prints. The resulting images on first impact might be taken for an abstract work; these are the dross of our society, what we need anymore, what we throw away after use to achieve our lifestyle targeting an ideal perfection. Examine the waste allows us to understand the hidden processes of our lifes.

Using atypical items is also the basic of ‘Arte Povera’ by Italian artist Pino Pascali (1967). He used to work with brightly coloured acrylic brushes, using a diverse range of unusual industrial products such as water pipes, bitumen, various dusts, leather and camping equipment in the construction of his sculptures. Born in Bari, Italy, in 1936, Pascali impressive career culminated in a solo exhibition at the Venice Biennial (1968), shortly before a tragic motorcycle accident killed him at the young age of thirty-two. Bracolini Grimaldi gallery displays the Pascali series “Bachi da Setola” (literally translated as “bristle worms”, but with a play on the Italian word for silk, “seta”) represented the artist’s interest in using objects and materials available due to an industrial boom in Italy in the 1960s. The installation plays on converting everyday materials into art, enquiring on the differences between the high culture and the popular one, as well as between the natural and the man made.

DSC_0257_-_CopiaCurated by Paul Wombell, the exhibition marks the curatorial direction of Bracolini Grimaldi. Wombell is an independent curator and writer on photography. He has worked as the director of Impressions Gallery, York, and of The Photographers Gallery, London and also festival director of the Hereford Photography Festival. He writes extensively on the subject of photography and has curated exhibitions for the annual Madrid photographic festival ‘Photoespana’ as well as ‘FotoGrafia Festival Internazionale di Roma’. His most recent work has been for the exhibition ‘Calves and Thighs: Juergen Teller’.

This is the third gallery for Brancolini Grimaldi; they already run one in Rome and another in Florence. Their London gallery is an impressive space on Albemarle Street in the heart of Mayfair. With ten years of experience and their fresh ideas on photography, Italian dealers Isabella Brancolini and Camilla Grimaldi bring a major enhancement to the London art scene.

Camilla Grimaldi holds a degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage and a Masters in Modern and Contemporary Art Studies at Christie’s through Cambridge University. She worked at Christie’s (New York), at White Cube Gallery (London) and at Claudia Gian Ferrari Gallery (Milan).

Isabella Brancolini is an art dealer, a curator and art consultant. She holds a degree in History of Ancient and Modern Art and she also has undertaken studies on paintings and antiques at the Spinelli Institute for Art and Restoration. In 1997, Brancolini opened Art Personae gallery. She was one of the first to open a contemporary art gallery in Florence in 2002, showing a mixed program of photography, painting, installation and video art.

When Camilla Grimaldi came on board in 2005, the gallery became known as Brancolini Grimaldi Arte Contemporanea. They actively encourage artists to realise new and experimental projects, fostering various successful collaborations with organisations such as the Sundance Film Festival, the Vatican Museums and Steidl publishing. Their artist have already entered the prestigious collections of the most important international museums.

 “Marie Amar & Pino Pascali”, until the 21st May 2011, at Bracolini Grimaldi, 43-44 Albemarle Street, W1S 4JJ.

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April 13, 2011 at 11:28 pm

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