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The Italian “La Dolce Vita 2011” and the people’s voice.

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Monday, 21st March 2011 – David Franchi

The Italian “La Dolce Vita 2011” and the people’s voice.

With a great success of public ended the Italian fair “La Dolce Vita 2011”. People invaded the Business Design Centre in Angel, Islington, from 10th until 13th March 2011. La Dolce Vita is the annual show that brings Italian life style to London. The venue is really a hit, close to Clerkenwell Road, Holborn, that is the historical area of the Italian community, whose first settlers started to arrive in the beginning of the 19th Century. Nowadays it is still possible to find evidences of the migrants, for instance the Italian Church in Farringdon.

The question is: how does Londoners perceive Italians? It doesn’t need to be said, of course, that people who paid a ticket to enter at La Dolce Vita 2011 were already well -disposed at this event. However, it worth to ask them how their experience was.


Someone was happy but regret cannot buy much, like Simon, 47, from Kentish Town: “It’s pretty good fun, really enjoyable. The problem is that if you want to buy it’s finished or they don’t sell it. Do you know where about is the VIP Lounge?”

It was fine to find and to try particular merchandising: “There are products that we’ve never seen in the supermarket and we have the opportunity to taste them”, said Aga, 31, from Crystal Palace.


The lovely Italian cooked food was hard to reach according to Giuseppe, 62, from Kilburn: “There is long queue and I needed to wait a while before I had been able to have some pasta for a supposed quick meal here. And so crowded…”


But Stefano, 36, from Wood Green, had a different experience: “It’s amazing. The food has been good and it was not too crowded” and his friend Cristina, 31, from London Bridge cherished the new improved entrance policy of this edition: “Better than the last year. The price for the entrance was reduced and it was easy to find free tickets.”

Luciana, 33, from Hammersmith appreciated the possibility to have meals: “Eating here is lovely and I liked very much.”


Her friend Mohammed, 31, from Barbican, props her taste but also likes the location: “I am here to buy coffee. The music is nice. It’s a really good environment”.


The different blend of stalls was welcomed by Stefania, 42, from Hammersmith: “This year there are less property agents. Now it is better, last year there was too much presence of these companies.”


His friend Alberto, 44 from Uxbridge do agree with her: “This year there is the good mix between food and estate agencies stalls. There is no official sponsor but it is present some clothing and jewellery. Previous editions were looking too much focused on business.”


Their first time friend Gaetano, 46, from Forest Hill supports the opinion: “It’s my first time here but it looks well organised and the food is good.”

Hanna, 26, from Ladbroke Grove, was puzzled by the position of the stalls: “The place is nice and the food is lovely but the upper floor should be indicated more clearly. I realised there was one after a while, just because I’ve seen people going up and down.”

For a specific public was important to have training, Catherine, 35, Highbury: “I could attend to some workshops on Italian food, on how to make it and to cook risotto.” Same opinion from her friend, Eleanor, 33, Clapham: “It was good to have classes on wine.”

According to the public, it seems La Dolce Vita 2011, a part few redefinitions to be made, have had a great success.

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March 22, 2011 at 12:53 am

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