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King of jazz Paolo Fresu in London concerts.

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Monday, 31st January 2011 – David Franchi

S6302078___Copia.JPGPaolo Fresu was in London to present his book “Musica dentro” and for a London concert at Jazz Club Soho. In a relaxed atmosphere at the Italian Bookshop, near Leicester Square, the last 27th January the famous Italian jazz player has presented his book, introduced by his friend and jazz performer as well, Filomena Campus. Both of them are from Sardinia and the whole evening, including the following London concert in Jazz Club Soho, assumed a particular atmosphere evoking the dreaming island on the Mediterranean Sea. Even the catering was offered by Associazione Sardegna2000. The book “Musica Dentro”, published by Feltrinelli Editore in 2009, deals with the personal life of Fresu. It is not an autobiography but it tackles the artist intimacy, his relating with the trumpet and his past: “The first memory I have of a trumpet is of smells of the oil of the pistons and the one of the wood of the case.

But also the smell of the rehearsal room with instruments hanged on hooks and were not in cases”. After the book presentation people moved to Jazz Soho Club to celebrate the new Filomena Campus album, “Jester of jazz”, with a concert of one of the two dates, guest Paolo Fresu and Jean Toussaint. Paolo Fresu is a trumpet and flugelhorn jazz player, as well as an arranger and music composer. He is born the 10th February 1961, in Berchidda, Italy.

He started to play trumpet when he was 11 with the local band. In 1980 he discovered jazz and starts playing professionally in 1982. In 1984 he graduated from the Conservatory of Cagliari. He has been awarded with most prestigious Italian music prizes and also the Best European Musician for “Django d’Or” and in 2000 he was nominated Best International Musician. These are only a few awards just to give an idea. Paolo Fresu is responsible of various national and international institutions and projects. He has performed in many countries with the best jazz pundits. He has recorded in nearly 300 records some for himself others with most important jazz names. He lives between Paris, Bologna and Sardegna, performs in more than 200 London concert per year and directs the Cultural Association Time in Jazz in Berchidda, with which he has organized the prestigious festival since 1998. An interview to Paolo Fresu after the one of the concerts in Soho.

Q. It was a Sardinian night though we were in London…

A. “Well, yes, we were two Sardinians. Two persons from Sardinia it is already a state! Joking… I think in the music of Filomena there is a lot of Sardinia, some lyrics, some authors. But maybe, a part for a traditional song, there is not a specific reference to Sardinia, but it comes out in general. And tonight I also was present as guest, so Sardinia is the protagonist of this concert.

There were many Sardinians too, so it was like seeing a piece of Sardinia transferred here in London”.

Q. Are you also guest in the album of “Jester of Jazz”?

A. “No, not really. It is a one off. I know Filomena since years. She was a student in the jazz courses we made in Nuoro. But I have a part in the album, I have written the sleeves note where there is a lot of Sardinia. So I am not in the project but I have given my contribution”. Q. The Italian jazz it seems to be well considered in the world. A. “It is already a few years that Italian jazz is a synonym of quality, one of the most interesting music waves. But the fact is musicians who are touring, we are always the same and we can be counted on one’s fingers: me, Rava, Bollani, Pierannunzi or Cocchiati. So Italian jazz is considered referring to those players. Good Italian jazz player are much more but they are already struggling to play in Italy. What I want to say is that what is known about Italian jazz is far more limited than the real Italian jazz offer”.

Q. How did you have the idea to write a book?

“I like writing. I write short stories, novels, sleeves note. When the publisher Feltrinelli offered to me the opportunity to write and be published, I was very happy to accept. I already had some written notes. Of course this book is not an autobiography, I will be 50 years old the next 10th February. It is a book of reflections, it’s to put on paper some thoughts, some intimacy or maybe things we consider well known but they are never like this. It is a personal diary and it was worthwhile for me too because I could understand better about certain things and myself too. It was a very good experience. Of course I don’t consider myself a writer, but I like to write. I thought I had to tell a part of something important for me. I wish this comes out from the book”.

Q. Future projects?

A. ”I have a lot of things to do. This year in particular because I am turning 50 years old. There will be a 50dates tour I will do in Sardinia only and in 50 different extraordinary venues with 50 different groups and in these days there is much talk about it. There is this new album I recorded for ECM with a group of Corsican musicians. I recorded the movie soundtrack, protagonist Claudia Gerini. Many new projects Baroque music, jazz and rock music. So a very busy year, there is the festival in Sardinia, a seminar in Nuoro, in March the direction of Donizetti Theatre in Bergamo. I am always busy in many things. This year is particularly busy and also because there is this coincidence of my anniversary”.

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