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Ute Lemper – London Jazz Festival 2010

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Last 2010 London Jazz Festival in Weimar


It was an outstanding Ute Lemper in her show “Last Tango in Berlin” at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, last 11th December. Ute Lemper, German singer and actress, has really pleased the audience composed of many different nationalities and of different ages.

The German artist apologised for the concert which was supposed to be held on the last November, during the London Jazz Festival, but for her health problem needed to be postponed. Beside she looked to be in a great shape. Ute Lemper is very famous all over the world. Her shows are always built on cabaret style and proposes a travel around the world in which music purely comes from the period between the two World Wars.

The concert celebrated a travel from Bilbao in Spain, passing through Lisboa, landing in Buenos Aires to find tangos and the main composer Astor Piazzolla. And then arrived to the existentialist Paris of the Belgian author Jacques Brel, proceeding to the final destination: Berlin and the unmissable Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill. A wonderful encore with Edith Piaf ended the concert. The gig was made of two sets with no support act. On a stage black clothed Ute Lemper overwhelmed the audience with her powerful and tone variegated voice. She wore evening dresses, a magnificent one green in the first gig set and then get changed with another superb one red coloured. Her presence on the stage captures people’s eyes, as she dances, makes some jokes and leaves her sensuality slightly showing through during the performance. The concert lasted for almost 3 hours and at the end it was surprising that time passed so quickly.

With her on the stage two talented and experienced musician, Hector “Tito” Castro on the bandoneon and Vana Gierig on the piano. Ute Lemper is worldwide known also for her theatre and cinema performances. Born in Munster (Germany), the 7th July 1963, she began to sing in a punk rock band. Later, she is graduated from Dance Academy in Cologne and from Max Reinhardt Seminary Drama School in Vienna. She began her carrier in Berlin in the 1980s recording new versions of the typical German music of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill.  Mostly she was an interpretative singer but in 2003 she started to songwriting and from those year she turned into a singer-songwriter. Billboard named Ute Lemper “Crossover Artist of the Year” for 1993/1994. She is, in fact, a prolific recording artist with an extensive discography. Beside she also has many diverse credits including musicals, movies and also dubbed the singing voice of Ariel in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” for German-speaking audiences. And Ute Lemper is also a painter in the neoclassical style and her paintings have been showcased in numerous galleries. Lemper, a mother of three, resides in Manhattan, New York City, like her tutelary deity Kurt Weill, but she expatriated by choice and is hesitant ever to move back to Germany, but she revisits her culture fearlessly and brilliantly. “As a performer,” she says, “I like to breathe and live inside the centres of chaos in the worlds of today and yesterday. The longing for a place of harmony and the search for spiritual freedom lives through my new stories and melodies. I will always, though, keep Berlin alive with contemporary and nostalgic eyes,” she reminds us, “as the lust and anarchy of Weimar shall live forever.”

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