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Street of… 7 cities – Chocolate Factory

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Seven sisters cities around the world

Thursday, 16th December 2010 – David Franchi

 Seven sisters cities around the worldThe evening for the launch of the blog “Streets of… (7 minutes in 7 cities around the world)” it was a great success. Last 22nd December at the Karamel Club, within the Chocolate Factory, Wood Green, the new blog was presented to numerous people. Alda Terracciano producer, composer and director of the project says: “This blog is a work in progress. We made three video only for this moment: Streets of Naples (Italy), Streets of Mumbai (India) and Streets of Salvador de Bahia (Brazil).

Other cities we want to include in the project are: Shanghai (China), Tangier (Morocco), Luanda (Angola), and of course London (UK).” The meaning of focusing on these seven areas of passing migration is to reconnect people with their collective unconscious memory and shared, political and economic, history. The idea of this project is to explore the ancestral memories of the seven cities. It is a sort of travel around the world, investigating the movement of population, creating the connections in between places and individuals and trying to analyse the general background and analogies of the people worldwide, so the latter at the end could be smaller than what is commonly thought.

This project is a survey on the evidences and memories left in the human body by migratory movements in particular Indo European migrations, the slave trade and the Silk Road and the ways in which shared histories become evident again through people’s everyday gestures, movements and sounds. By focusing on these seven zones of transit migration the installation aims to reconnect people around the world to their collective unconscious memory and shared political and economic history.

The final destination of the project is the London Cultural Olympiads 2012, where the complete video audio installation intends to be exhibited. The blog has been created to give people the opportunity to follow the development of Alda Terracciano’s project. Beside it is also possible to make donations to the project. In addition to the artist’s posts and information on forthcoming events, the blog offers to catch in a glance the creative process by accessing material recorded during the artist’s travels, including rough cuts of video and audio material, interviews to cultural representatives from the cities, personal notes and research.

Alda Terracciano is a well known video sound artist, theatre dramaturge and researcher and artistic Director of ALDATERRA productions. She is Founding Chair of Future Histories, the first national repository for African, Asian and Caribbean performing arts in the UK. She worked for many organisations including LIFT, Tamasha Theatre Company, and was advisor of Arts Council England.

Published for: www.italoeuropeo.co.uk

Direct link: http://www.italoeuropeo.com/-news/citizens-ue/seven-sisters-cities-around-the-world/


Written by davidfranchi

December 16, 2010 at 2:36 pm

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