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Paolo Conte – London Jazz Festival 2010

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Standing ovation for Paolo Conte at Royal Albert Hall.

The Royal Albert Hall was full packed. The audience was completely delightful with the concert, repeatedly clapping hands during the songs and calling him “Maestro” a word Italian people use to indicate an important and respectful person. At the end of the concert Paolo Conte was called back on stage by people shouts and jumps on the floor.

Paolo Conte played some of his most famous songs and some of the new ones from his just released album “Nelson”. The concert was part of the London Jazz Festival, in association with BBC Radio 3, in the frame of the EFG International Excellence Series that every year brings music of the highest quality from across the world into the capital.

Conte is one of the most famous Italian artist in the world and seen live he is an absolute surprise. In his long career he has been awarded many times and had rave reviews from many critics, including recently The Guardian and The Times.

The music of Paolo Conte is a unique jazz close to the tradition of the French chansonniers – like Jacques Brel, Yves Montand, George Brassens, Gilbert Becaud – but also mixed with tango, samba, bossa nova, kletzmer music and, of course, the Italian popular tradition of liscio, he combines with swing, a distinctive pitch and stylish melodies.

Paolo Conte has a pebbly voice that hypnotise audiences all over the world. Amazingly he suggests smooth atmospheres with a hint of nostalgia. His music brings back in mind far countries like South America and dreamy images of southern sea. The lyrics are contemplative and melancholic, inspired by major literature and poetry authors.

Paolo Conte is someone any Italian person knows and would like to meet to say thank you for your wonderful songs that has given to me those stunning emotions.

He is a singer- songwriter born in Asti the 6th January 1937. His father was a notary (sort of Italian state lawyer specialised in legal acts) with jazz passion.

Paolo Conte studied piano together with his brother Giorgio who is also a known singer- songwriter. Paolo Conte has a degree in Law but begins to play the vibraphone in local bands and with one of them in 1962 record his first EP without much success.

During the late 1906s Conte wrote songs for other artists with very much success and some of them became major Italian hits of all times, like “La coppia più bella del mondo”, “Azzurro”, “Insieme a te non ci sto più”, “Messico e nuvole”, “Una giornata al mare”, “Onda su onda” and “Genova per noi”.

In 1974 finally he released his first album called “Paolo Conte” and started his solo career.

In 1979 with the album “Un gelato al limon” he start to have great public success.

In the 1980s he begins to be very well appreciated in France and USA. He released some albums but mostly he makes many live gigs and this seems to be his best performance.

In 1989 one of the dreams of Paolo Conte, the musical “Razmataz”, has been released as a book. In 2000 the soundtrack is released in a CD and in 2001 eventually came the DVD with the show. He created it in every specific part including stage costumes, sketches and draws.

Conte, in facts, likes also figurative art and painted some prizes for Palio di Asti, and in May 2007 the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Catanzaro has given to him a honoris causa in painting for the multimedia work Razmataz.

Razmataz is also his first book published followed by others, notably “Si sbagliava da professionisti. Canzoniere commentato”(2003) in which he comments his own music and made a famous common aphorism: “It was a world of adults. We were making mistakes in a professional manner”.

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November 18, 2010 at 1:26 pm

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