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Cafiso and Rubino – Italian Cultural Institute of London

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 Cafiso & Rubino Duo wins at the Italian Cultural Institute.

Monday, 15 November 2010 – David Franchi


The Italian jazz player Francesco Cafiso astonished the public at the Italian Cultural Institute in London last 11th November. 

Cafiso, together with excellent pianist Dino Rubino, friend and on stage partner, played in the frame of the WTM the touristic promotion event organized by Chamber of Commerce and Province of Ragusa, Sicily.

Briefly introduced by Mr. Carlo Presenti, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute, and followed by a short presentation by Mr. Giuseppe Cascone, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Ragusa, the Cafiso & Rubino Duo made a great gig, very much appreciated by the audience that requested to be given an encore.

Cafiso & Rubino, same age, played good old classical standard jazz, but also some music written by Rubino, the latter showing great ability in playing piano and composing.

Rubino is also a precocious talent, known for playing trumpet and with rave reviews in the Italian jazz environment. Last year Rubino decided to return to piano leaving the trumpet. He played with major Italian jazz musicians but also with some important international jazz player like, Lester Bowie, Steve Grossman and Eddy Enderson.

Francesco Cafiso was born in Vittoria, Sicily (1989). He is one of the most precocious talents in the history of jazz. When he was barely nine years old Francesco took his first steps, working with internationally famous musicians.

He began playing at the very early age of seven. He was already awarded in 2001.

Cafiso met Wynton Marsalis at a laterfestival in Pescara. Marsalis was amazed and took him along with his septet on his 2003 European tour. From that moment on, Francesco went through a series of important experiences both in Italy and abroad.

In 2005, at age sixteen, he won Italy’s version of the Golden Django.

Francesco has been awarded many times and played with great musicians like Hank Jones, Cedar Walton, Mulgrew Miller, Ronnie Matthews, Jimmy Cobb, Ben Riley, Ray Drummond, Reggie Johnson, Doug Sides Lewis Nash, James Williams, Joe Lovano, George Mraz, Joe Locke, Enrico Rava, Gianni Basso, Dado Moroni, Franco D’Andrea.

In February 2006 Francesco has achieved the Diploma in Transverse Flute at the Musical Institute V. Bellini in Catania and currently he studies piano jazz.

In 2009 Cafiso has been invited to take part for the celebration during the festivities in honor of President Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. day.

Interview to Francesco Cafiso.

Q. It is not your first time in London and you travelled the world…

A. “It’s true; it is not my first time in London. I played here already, I think four times at least. I have been here for the London Jazz Festival and in other occasions at the Italian Institute of Culture”.

Q. You started to travel the world when you were very young. How is it?

A.” Well, everything have begun when I was seven years old and I started to play saxophone. I was lucky to meet a person very available that introduced me to jazz. Mostly, the availability of my father too, who supported me constantly. So I did not go far away from this kind of music, rather I studied it more. Then I made something. I believe I did something”.

Q. You had the opportunity to do great things, like to play for Barack Obama during his inaugural ceremony, or touring with Wynton Marsalis. When did you realise that your world was changing?

A. “I did not realize it because I was very young therefore I did not have time to notice it. Simply I continued in doing what I like to do, that is playing. I try to do it at the highest level. I try to do my best, minimising highs and lows. It’s no question to me as the success, if we want to call it like this; it arrived to me at a very young age. I was 12, or 13, years old. I did not pass from anonymity to being known all over the world. So for me it was a natural thing, this is my life”.

 Q. How are Italians abroad?

A. “Abroad they are like in Italy, warm people. There are no great differences. Also because I am not staying abroad for more than few days. So that I cannot really meet people to know them. Anyway, the response of the public to my concerts is always positive and more. Obviously there is the common Italian root that liaise us: so it is like to be at home”.

Q. Greetings for Italian people living in London?

A. “Yes, yes. I salute them all I hope to see them again here in London. I wish this won’t be me my last time in here”.

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November 15, 2010 at 8:54 am

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