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Pavilion of Art and Design 2010

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The launching of the PAD 2010.

Saturday, 16th October 2010 – David Franchi

LONDON.  The PAD – Pavilion of Art & Design in London opens with a stunning 4th edition, from 13th to 17th October, in Berkley Square, Mayfair.

 Patrick Perrin and Stéphane Custot organise one of the most important fair of the world with 49 galleries and over 2,500 pieces covering Modern Art, Design, Decorative Arts, Photography and Tribal Art.

Some of the most famous galleries of all over the world are participating, coming from London, Milan, Geneva, Barcelona, Brussels, Zurich, Paris, Cologne and New York.

Only few years ago nothing similar was in London, Stéphane Custot explains: “I moved to London from Paris 5 years ago. We had the Pavillon des Art et Design in Paris for 15 years. When I arrived in London I discovered that there were no fairs of Modern Art and Design. Of course Frieze was there. At that time there was also Grosvenor and was a very good antique fair. And there were no fairs in between. So it was very easy for me to think about doing something in London for modern art and design. That’s why Patrick and I created PAD fair 5 years ago. The first 2 years was a design fair only with 20 exhibitors. Last year we enlarged, we have moved to Berkley Square and we included also Modern Art. And I think the combination between modern art and design it fits very well”.

Walking between the stands one can appreciate the atmosphere in a pavilion literally built on the gardens of Berkeley Square: “It’s a great location. It’s between Selby and Christies and it is near Bond Street and all the galleries and between places. So for me it cannot be a better spot. Because we have a lot of people, a lot of exhibitors who wants to join us, even though we could, we won’t enlarge the fair. Because we want to stay at Berkley Square. It’s so fantastic for us”.

The Moët Hennessy- PAD London Prize is a noteworthy moment of the fair every year, sponsoring the donation to the V&A Museum of a young artist piece of Design or Decorative Art. The winner is selected by a prestigious judging panel, chaired by architect and designer Nigel Coates, and comprising of prominent figures of art, fashion, culture, communication and business.

For the year 2010 the winner is the absolutely unmissable ”Drift – Fragile Future Concrete Chandelier” by the Dutch duo Lonneke Gordijn & Ralph Nauta, made with real dandelion seeds, bronze, LED lights and concrete, of which any dandelion seed was attached in itself creating an amazing effect of softness and light.

The Prize for Best Stand goes to “Chahan Gallery” of Chahan Minassian from Paris presenting with his own style an international interior design project, finishing with a selection of vintage pieces of 20th Century.

And the Prize for Best Object is for “Map of China” by Ai Weiwei, on display at the Friedman Benda gallery, from New York, an ironwood piece from dismantled temples of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

At PAD is present also visual art with rarest prints of photography materials, in between notably works of Newton, Cartier- Bresson, Leibovitz, Avedon and Mapplethorpe.

Worth of mention the Galerie Gmurzynska (Zurich) that turned the entire exhibition stand in a piece of art of Zaha Hadid the multi award winner who – the last 11th October – just received the Barclays award “Woman of the year 2010”.

Modern British Art Modern and classic contemporary paintings stars and painting masterpieces are presented.

Many of the galleries have some of the most exceptional works of Modern Art, rarely displayed in the UK and can find them throughout the fair. It is possible to see pieces of arts of famous artists, including Mirò, Klimt, Botero, Matisse, Basquiat, Giò Ponti, Degas, Rodin, Giacometti, Schiele, Balthus, Warhol, Ernst, and Grosz.

And you can be happily surprised to find out that Mitoraj, Braque, Dalì, Picasso, Anish Kapoor, Niki de St. Phalle, Fontana, and even Man Ray the photographer, were also jewellery makers not only painters or sculptors. Those are to be found at the exquisite post-war and contemporary artist- made jewellery galleries.

Design and decorative arts exhibitors comprise prominent contemporary pieces, together with French Art Deco and iconic 20th Century American, in a wide array of international artists, with a solo show of Czech glass master František Vizner, and elegant interiors objects by American designer Tony Duquette.

PAD unveils also brand new furniture by Guy de Rougemont, introducing the latest in interactive and cutting-edge design with fashionable from Zaha Hadid.

Furthermore are staging woodwork furniture by American artists Michael Coffey and Jack Rogers Hopkins.

The prestigious Entwistle Gallery (UK & France) launches the new genre of Tribal Art and Sladmore Gallery (UK) introduces 19th and 20th Century life-size bronzes and animalia.

Alongside Adrian Sassoon, the UK’s most respected dealer in contemporary ceramic, glass and metalwork, Jean- David Botella (France) showcases a selection of sumptuous Art Deco objects.

At the entrance on display works of the Postgraduate Art and Design course of the Royal College of Art. PAD London also affords this interesting project aimed at supporting young design talents. Created by curators Janice Blackburn and Nigel Coates, who have selected twenty pieces to be exhibited and presented for the first time, this project provides the 15% of the profits generated from the sale of these works will go towards to the RCA Student Fine Art Award Fund.

And there is a future for the PAD: “We have a selection committee and we try to invite the best galleries in design and modern art. That’s why this year we have some fantastic people around. It’s even better than the last year actually. Because last year we had a big success we were able to invite other very important colleagues so we are very happy. I can tell you now, next year we have 2 or 3 of the most important galleries, and they want to join us. So there is a future for this fair, no doubt. And there is a future also because it is a small fair. It’s small and beautiful. We keep the size, we don’t want to make it bigger. It is not that, the question is to please the art dealers, to please the colleagues: I am an art dealer myself, organiser but also art dealer that is my main activity. So I want to please my friend”.

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