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Paradise Lost – Leicester Square Theatre

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Shame and scandal in the Paradise Lost family.

Tuesday, 26th October 2010 – David Franchi
Closedeyes1 - Copia_1.jpgIt is an interesting pièce this “ Paradise Lost” that was on stage at the Leicester Square Theatre in the West End, London.
The script is written by actress and playwright Vicki McKellar.
The plot is about a family and their siblings in a missed middle class life style.
Actors and direction are good and atmosphere is all-involving.
A little scandal about the two major actresses kisses each other on stage for real.
It could be interesting to see a sequel.
The plot deals with a family composed by three sisters, related husbands, a ghost and a lover. The three sisters decide to organise a get together evening at the place of one of them, Shirley (Vicki McKellar) who is married and living with Steve (Lloyd Morris). One of the sisters, Katherine (Andrea Deeley), wants to use an Ouija Board to communicate with the spirit of her deceased husband.
The third sister Debbie (Nadia Ostacchini) will arrive at the party with her husband Martin (Myles Brown) but they are living a terrible marriage situation due to the man infidelity.
Suzie (Abi Titmuss) will be the medium of the seance. She is introduced as a friend of Shirley but Suzie is also her lover in a sultry lesbian relationship.
Shirley doesn’ t want to do the seance. She is scared to use the occult because she has to hide many things. Shirley is pregnant of Steve. Suzie doesn’ t know about pregnancy and urging Shirley to quit Steve and go to live together.
When the spirit of Katherine’ s husband gets in contact through the Ouija Board everything suddenly sneaks out and leads them to the ruin.
The play is good. Cues are well developed. Simone Vause direction is fineelaborated and guides well the actors. Not easy is the physical action when working in such a rather small space in the basement theatre and it creates difficulties also to the audience.
All actors play very well in their roles. But spectators paid much attention to Abi Titmuss, maybe due to curiosity of her rumoured life. Or maybe for the real kissing on stage with co-star Vicki McKellar that follows the passionate embrace of the pair at the press conference.
Abi Titmuss, a former hospital nurse, started her carrier as glamour model after have been on the front page of many newspaper for her flings. Later on Abi Titmuss started a carrier as theatre actress for which she received a Fringe
Report Award.
Though some tragedies are running during the story, the play doesn’ t have exaggerated moods. It reminds the north European literature or movie style. This play brings memories of “ Hanna and her sisters” the Woody Allen film.
The characters are people that seem to have achieved the good quality of middle class life style with perfect marriage, children, happiness and good jobs. But this paradise is disturbed by adultery, sister rivalry, troubled marriages,
homosexuality. It is an ashamed family in scandal. So everything is missed: it is the lost paradise.
The story shows the different human relationships people can have but also how can they be lead to astray. The author seems to avoid a moral evaluation.
Vicki McKellar says: “ I’ m thrilled to put on my first show at the West End, with an accomplished actress like Abi Titmuss performing on stage alongside me. Paradise Lost has been a labour of love for me and I hope the audience will
find the production a thoroughly riveting and enjoyable production” .
The overall sensation watching this one -act play is that the story is not complete. Like if it needs to be continued, a sort of first act that needs a sequel. And we all hope that author Vicki McKellar could give us another episode.
The production is for The Tapestry Theatre Company founded by Vicki McKellar.
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Written by davidfranchi

November 14, 2010 at 8:10 pm

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